Wednesday, October 15, 2008

bleeeechhhh- bwahhahhahhahha

    I hate this. I have a weird immune system and get little illnesses frequently- especially when I forget that I am indeed ancient and run around for three days on little sleep, less food, and lots of enthusiasm. After Baracking the vote all weekend and managing to work in some hiking as well, I collapsed in a heap on the couch and slept most of yesterday. Today I feel a bit more human but I soon will look very seasonally appropriate as I am about to sprout three very hideous cold sores.
  Which reminds me of a movie called "The Hideous Sun Demon"  which scared me to death when I was a horror movie worshipping kidlet. And that, in turn, reminds me of a very cool little documentary that I caught on IFC called "The Science Fiction Boys". It's a little film about special effects guys, particularly those that made that wonderfully silly stop motion animation flicks  that Ray Harryhausen and guys of his ilk were known for.In short, it was a film about my husband's childhood. The husband did not go on to become the Stanley Kubrick of his generation as he has planned or even the Ray Harryhausen of his generation, which he hadn't planned but which would have been cool. He quit the movie biz and became a science teacher. But somewhere deep in a closet he has a bunch of super 8 masterpieces waiting to be put on DVD. Titles like "2001- What Really Happened" and the like. All made when he was about fourteen years old. I must remember to set the TIVO to watch that documentary for us if it shows up on the telly again.  The husband  will love it.  It  showed scenes from "The Crawling Eye". They just don't make 'em like that anymore. 
       I should mention here that the husband actually did make an award winning student film called " Confessions of a Beatlemaniac" that was judged, in part, by Stanley Kramer. Now *that's* kinda cool. I should also mention that when I first met said husband he was working at an indie theater as the manager and in his office there was a teabag stapled to his bulletin board with a sign on it that said " Cybil Shephard's Tea Bag". Oh, and he once yelled at Mel Brooks.
Ok. I'll shut up now. 


StarbuckBitch said...

cybil's teabag...huh...

only a movie said...

The teabag is hysterical. Does the Mr. Husband read this? (say hi for me anyway).
Talk soon

crone51 said...

No! He doth not!!!!

somethings are just for me.