Thursday, October 30, 2008


 ...drat drat and double drat....

There I go and develop a school girl crush on the star of "Dr. Who" and he up and quits the show. He has been the star for three years but still- I feel I am somehow to blame. Was it my wildly inappropriate crush on this guy who is twenty years younger than I am?         

 At least he is doing four more "special episodes- and he is playing Hamlet with the RSC and  his quitting the show increases the chances  he will bring it to New York. I wanted more Who though.        
 But seriously, look how geeky cute he is-I just want to eat him up. 

My mom used to say that about George Clooney in her old age. Must be genetic.   



Cristin said...

really cute. geeky IS cute no??

crone51 said...

always. Seeing as how my first celebrity crush was on Mr. Spock it's been geeks all the way for me.

Michele said...

He is so yummy and geeky and cute. (Luckily for me I'm only 2 years older than he is - unluckily for me, I'm not likely to ever catch his eye...)