Monday, October 6, 2008

Here is David at the Philly Obama rally last  Saturday.  The previous picture is a close up of his volunteer badge. 

Yesterday ( Sunday) I registered 17 voters on the NJ/PA border. Several of them were folks who had never voted students, some folks who felt disenfranchised by the system until now, one very pregnant 18 year old who said she kept meaning to register but had " other things on her mind"( she looked like she was going to give birth right there at our table). If Obama loses this thing I will be extremely suspicious. I have not seen this kind of excitement and energy and youthful involvement since 1968. I Also met some lovely Canadians who offered us all a place to live if the other side won.  
Working the rally on Saturday did not give us much of a chance to enjoy Mr. Springsteen as we were working almost all the way through his set. I so very much enjoyed the wonderful people we met, and the enthusiasm, warmth and diversity of the crowd. It was a terrific day. 
  Today I am exhausted and David has taken his classes on their annual ecology field trip to the very camp( Fairview Lakes, formerly Camp Kittatiny) where my dad proposed marriage to my mom, or as  my dad would say , were he here to say it , " returned to the scene of the crime!"
The leaves have just started changing down here, but up where David is they will be glorious. 


only a movie said...

Now I know where that term came from. *Scene of the crime*, that is. I'm glad you had fun registering voters. :-)

Cristin said...

I only caught a little of the Debate last night at work. I wanted to get McCain a wheelchair and give him a laxative... he looked like he needed it.

Matt Orel said...

Hey Rufie,

Great post, and good on you, working through the rally!

My Ypsi post is up now -- -- check it out if you get a chance!