Monday, November 10, 2008

100 things about me

I have seen this list going around the blogosphere...seems like an interesting exercise. Plus, it is completely self indulgent and I love that.
1) I have a bachelors degree in psychology
2) I have an expired psych tech license which in California allowed me to do everything an LPN can do here. Here , I am fairly useless.
3) I traveled to the then Soviet Union in 1973 when I was 22 and it was the second coolest experience of my life
4 The coolest experience of my life has been raising my amazing daughters
5) I have been with my husband for twenty four years
6) I once broke my ankle while playing tree tag ( tripped over a tree)
7) I have lived in New Jersey, California, Ohio and Massachusetts
8) I had a collection of ceramic dogs when I was a kid
9) I have a collection of real dogs now ( well, two)
10 My father ran a camp for blind children when I was a child so I played with blind kids every summer
11) I once leaned on Bruce Sprinsgteen's car ( while he was in it)
12) I am a lapsed Unitarian Universalist
13) I am an atheist.
14) I love apples
15) I love science fiction - GOOD science fiction
16) I read incredibly fast. It is my one skill
17) as a child I wanted to be an astronomer or a doctor
18) I love the ocean.
19) I love cities
20 I love the woods
21 ) I have had a life long struggle with recurring depressive illness. It's a pain
22) I love playing the piano and guitar ( but not at the same time)
23) I used to be thin and athletic and then I got bitten by an armed and dangerous tick, got lyme disease, had it diagnosed late, and had it change my life.
24) I am not thin and athletic at present
25) however, I just lost 25 pounds and am continuing to lose weight.
26) White hair is mingling with the blonde on my head.
27) probably because I am 57 years old
28) when I am not dealing with the depressive illness thing I am a very happy enthusiastic person who is fascinated with everything.
29) My best friend and I have been friends all our lives ( although she was born eleven days before me and therefore had some time without me)
30) the saddest day of my life was learning that my friend's 5 year old son had been killed.
31)My biggest fear as child was nuclear war.
32)I once lay on top of a car in the desert in the middle of the night, in winter, staring at the stars for two hours .
33) If aliens were to attack and start killing everyone , part of me would be saying,"Cool! Aliens!"
34) the above quote wouldn't be bad last words.
35)I once hitchiked all over the east coast.
36) I was once chased by a herd of cows and had to jump over a fence to escape a stampede.
37) I used to love to ice skate
38) I used to save all my babysitting money and go horseback riding every Saturday
39) My other best friend and I have been friends since 1969. He's a boy.
40) I have seen the Grateful Dead in concert a lot ( I lost count at about thirty shows back in 1979)
41) I have seen Bruce Springsteen in Concert 36 times.
42 ) My first concert of any note was Bob Dylan in 1965. I have seen him probably about 20 times since.
43) my second concert of any note was The Beatles At Shea stadium in 1966.
44) My husband is very envious of number 43 above.
45) I would love to go to Mars
46) I have been in 20 earthquakes of increasing intensity
47) the last earthquake shook me all the way from San Francisco to New Jersey
48) I didn't plan on moving to california. I went there to visit a boyfriend who was about to get arrested for disobeying a military order . I was supposed to stay for ten days until he went to jail. I stayed for sixteen years.
49) the boyfriend never went to jail and I almost married him.
50) I had a miscarriage 10 weeks after my wedding.
51) I was pregnant when I got married but didn't know it ( we were trying however)
52) I had a severe bout with depression in 1978 and checked myself into a hospital ( which was not helpful at all)
53) I have been to , including the US, nine different countries.
54) I have been to Pompeii. That was quite cool.
55) I have been in about 20 marches on Washington DC protesting one thing or another. The last was in 2003 right before the Iraq war.
56) I have met Harvey Milk, Gay Rights leader in San Francisco who was murdered in 1978 and who is about to be the subject of a movie staring Sean Penn.
57) The most moving moment of my life ( other than having kids) was standing in Red Square at night after traveling for 14 hours.
58) my first words to my daughters were " welcome to the world".
60) I had allergies as a child and itched all the time.
61) I am pretty left of center politically.
62) I started graduate school in counseling and never finished,
63) I have worked many many years with children with mental illness or cognitive disabilities
66) a lot of that work was with kids labeled Autistic.
67) My favorite job of all time was working with kids labeled with Conduct Disorders ( blind leading the blind)
68) I smoked too much pot at too young an age
69) However, I did very much enjoy my experiences with the stronger psychedelic drugs. They felt familiar to me
70) I have lost several friends to the AIDS epidemic
71) I used to run 30 miles a week.
72) I love to sing.
73) I think music is the best contribution of humanity .
74) My first political campaign was working for Gene McCarthy in 1968.
75) I received my first kiss when i was 15.
76) I met my husband on a blind date
77) I am a tad obsessive and usually have something really silly that I am obsessed with. Currently it is British Science Fiction on television
78) I am very glad that I am a woman.
79) I loved being pregnant.
80) I have driven across the US four times.
81) I have been in 37 states.
82)I have already done all the things I really wanted to do in life. Everything else is just gravy,
83)My daughters are my favorite people.
84) I have two sisters. I don't really know either of them.
85) I have generally felt out of place everywhere I have been.
86) the above is not necessarily a bad thing.
87) I went to a small Quaker College in Ohio before moving to California.
88) I have watched two people die. One of them was my father.
89) I do not believe in an after life. Or Ghosts.
90) I love science .
91) one of my heros is Oliver Sacks. My first real heroes were John Glenn and Amelia Earhardt.
92) I dropped out of my public high school when I was 16 .
93) I graduated from a private high school in New York City when I was 19.
94) I love summer.
95) I do not love winter
96) I don't eat mammals
97) My favorite movie of all time is Jules and Jim. It is perfect.
98) When I was a kid I sometimes though of myself in the third person.
99) Growing up I often thought of myself as being a boy.
100) I love Thai food most of all.


only a movie said...

I love those 100 thing lists. And Thai food. I am sorry that you don't know your sisters better. But I'm very very glad that you are still in touch with one sister's kids! (other sister?) And I'm happy that you're in the blogosphere... yay.

pixiegenne said...

what erin just said. especially about the thai food. it's the very best.

Cristin said...

Notsomuch with the Thai food.

Your sisters are an enigma to me as well.

Right there with ya on the pot and other psychedelic stuff. You knew that already.

I believe in ghosts.

I'm a little drunk.

crone51 said...

you guys all have to make 100 things lists!

StarbuckBitch said...

yeah, not so much on the Thai can pretend we're sisters...ghosts are fake...aliens are real and cool.

crone51 said...

Hehe.. Ghosts are fake , aliens are real. I love my baby niece.

So, I want my nieces to tell me if they were part of the group of relatives who went to visit The Haunted House after someone's wedding (Josh's maybe?) because I need to hear some details. Haunted house blog post coming up....