Tuesday, December 16, 2008

One year ago yesterday....

....we brought home a nine week old new puppy. I had started wanting a puppy shortly after our eldest dog, Julie, died. We already had a one year old Pup (Reggie) but I started wanting another. I seem to have this need to have two of everything (I hide the other husband in the attic). We did have two dogs for many years but they hated each other (as would the two husbands were they to meet) and I read somewhere that normal dogs need other dogs. I need dogs. If dogs need other dogs to be happy with me then I am all for that. So I started whining to the Official Husband who was quite resistant to the idea (he's the cautious member of the family although he would probably substitute the word "cautious" with "sane"). But I continued whining and surfing "pet-finders" until one day I found a cute little Xmas card with a puppy picture on it sitting next to the computer. Inside it said, "you are a wonderful wife, mother and partner. Go and find the puppy of your dreams".The Official Husband scored such big points with this that I got rid of the one in the attic( he's now living happily with some lady named Mrs. Rochester) and found this puppy on the internet:

Admit it. You would not have been able to resist either. He was being fostered nearby after being rescued from a kill shelter in Kentucky. He had many siblings. It is only by exercising extreme restraint that I was able to leave the other siblings with the foster mom. Many familial discussions about what to name him ensued. Many names were voted down. Finally we all agreed on Malcolm, after Malcolm Reynolds of the wonderful, albeit deceased, TV show "Firefly". My daughter's boyfriend took one look at the pup and announced, " I think you should call him Mr. Fubbles", for reasons only known to the daughter's boyfriend. We liked that as well so his name is Malcolm Fubbles. He is a year old now and weighs 45 pounds and is the sweetest boy imaginable and is very well behaved if one overlooks his tendency to eat human underwear. Happy Anniversary Mr. Fubbles.

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only a movie said...

Happy birthday Mr. Fubbles! I was going to post about a birthday yesterday, but it was a sad one and I am frankly too exhausted to do anything but write on other people's blogs...ro