Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thumb Banter

I have been in one form of conversation or another with my friend Gary for thirty odd ( exceptionally odd, really) years now. When we lived across the San Francisco Bay from each other we used to watch TV "together" on the phone, commenting on the show and being thankful that SF to Oakland was not a toll call. Now that we live across the Hudson river from each other we chat via text message. Times have changed. Today's exchange took place while we were watching coverage of the scandal coming out of Illinois and wondering how the Right was going to use this little tidbit in their ongoing Anti-Obama tactics,and just basically shooting the proverbial shit. The messaging went something like this:

Me:You still going to DC for the thing [inauguration]?
Him: Hope to
Me: Should be nuts
Him:Yep, especially when Barack has us face Mecca and sing the Internationale
Me:And then sells his job to Tony Rezko
Him:Just before the Ceremonial Blowing Up of the White House by Bill and Bernadine
Me: Right after the Ritual Damning by Jeremiah Wright
Him:And the playing of the Kenyan National Anthem, after which he reveals his real birth certificate
Me: At which point Michelle yells" I have never been proud of this fucking country" and fist bumps the kids.
Him:Have we missed anything?
Me: Well there is always the ceremonial Taking Away Of Everyone's Guns and Banning Marriage Between Men and Women.
Him: Silly me, how could I have forgotten that.
Me: And of course, the Requiring Mandatory Abortions
Him:And the dreaded Spreading Around Of The Wealth , musn't forget that...
Me: I got nothing.
Him: Hey, good news, I was high bidder in the Illinois Senate Seat Auction on Ebay!
Me: Maybe you can trade it for a ticket to the thing.

Here is a picture of said friend Gary taken this Halloween

I only hope that Gary and I end up in the same Home For Aged Hippies someday so we can sit on the porch and crack wise whilst eager young staff members bring us drugs.

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only a movie said...

I love that photo. It's the coolest. Dan just got that t-shirt on ebay.

I kid you not, the word veri is: cracu