Thursday, January 29, 2009

Random stuff

After the inauguration the lovely husband took me to the new Air and Space museum in Virginia which is where they apparently put stuff that doesn't fit into the old Air and Space museum in DC. There we saw the *real* Enterprise- The space shuttle which was named Enterprise due to a campaign of Star Trek Geeks long ago. That was fairly cool and yes, there was a tourist dressed in a Star Trek uniform ( vintage "The Next Generation") visiting with her husband. How much you want to bet they met at a Trekkie Con? We also saw the model used for the mother ship in Close Encounters of The Third Kind- very amusing- there are all sorts of little jokes that the model builders added to it such as a mailbox, R2D2 and a few other little goodies. It's fun to look for them.

I've been watching LOST on the telly and I wished I liked it more. I have watched on and off ever since it started - catching up here and there. I don't love it. It seems like something that I would love but, although I enjoy it, I don't like it as much as most fans seem to. I think the problem for me, is that the characters are not really all that interesting- or possibly that there are so many that it's hard to get into any depth with them. "Battle Star Galactica" ( the new cool one, not the old silly one) gets much geek love from me because it is so intensely character driven. I like that in a geeky show... a little technobabble, some interesting philosophical issues, and some major angst. I don't really care about any of the characters on Lost - except maybe Hugo. Hugo rocks.

The days are getting longer - I am liking this fact a lot indeed. I have been swimming a lot at the local Y and that feels really good. Swimming never feels quite like exercise to me as one does it lying down and one does not feel oneself sweat. How can it count? Does it count? Tell me it counts.

Have seen a couple of movies. I was underwhelmed by the "Curious Case Of Benjamin Button" - It reminded me very much of "Forrest Gump" which is not a film that I like even a little teeny bit. Also saw "Revolutionary Road". The book is powerful, I read it a while back, the movie...not so much. I am not sure why. I wanted to like it. After it ended my eldest said " damn, those people take themselves seriously". Maybe that's why. However, "Slumdog Millionaire" knocked my husband and my socks right off ( not great in this weather ) - what a blast. As much a paen to the power of film making as it is to the resilience of love and quiz shows. At one point I got all teary, not because of the plot ( although there is much to get misty over there too ), but because I could feel the joy the director had in making the film. It's a blast. Don't miss it. Our audience burst into applause when it ended.

In the meantime, it is deeply cool to watch our president talk about restoring the role of science, wanting to be guided by facts ( Facts! What a concept!) and looking adorable. I really don't think I have ever used that particular adjective to describe a president before. There's a first time for everything, as my mother was fond of saying.


only a movie said...

I am into Lost, but I agree - the characters are flimsy. I do like Hugo, and Ben, and John Locke. Jack is a hollow shell - all ego - very boring.

One of these days we'll catch up with Battlestar, but by then it will be all over. Dan has all the previous seasons on dvd.

Glad you had fun at the Smithsonian and are having fun swimming.

Staci said...

1. swimming, but not sweating----it counts!!

2. When I was a kid I LOVED Battlestar Galactica!! and Buck Rogers and of course Star Wars...never cared much for Star Trek though.

3. Benjamin Button does not interest me, but I loved Forrest Gump. I just bought Revolutionary Road and I'll probably wait until it comes out on DVD!!

4. Slumdog Millionaire sounds fantastic. My son and I are big fans of the lead actor after having watched him in 3 seasons of BBC's Skins.

5. Who would've thought that we'd ever have a president that we thought could look adorable?????

Cristin said...

swimming totally counts...
I've never seen Lost, but we have Netflix....