Thursday, February 19, 2009

Random Stuff

I generally slow waaay down in the winter but this is ridiculous. No energy at all. Anyhow, I was reading some old journals and was reminded of these things:

The youngest daughter at about age three, after being told that, "THERE IS NO HITTING ALLOWED" ( I believe she had slugged a little friend):

" But what is hitting for?"

Reasonable question, I thought. Indeed, why does such a thing exist if we can't do it?

I had the following exchange with the eldest daughter when she was about two and a half and we were living in El Cerrito, Ca.

Her: I want that.
Me: I am sorry but you can't have that.
Her: I am getting that.
Me: No, in reality, you are not getting that.
Her:In El Cerrito I am getting that.

I have no clue what "that" was and yes, they both talked unreasonably early. It was scary.

What else of note? Not much, went to see the youngest daughter on the lovely Isle Of Manhattan on Sunday and had lunch with her and her talented and funny friend. I really like twenty year old kids. They have grown past the weird teenage stuff but still have all that wonderful kid energy and humor. Good times.

The dogs remain dog-like.

Ok, I am going swimming now.


tut-tut said...

Ha! That reminds me of something L said about that age. D and I were discussing going to Florida, and I said we could fly into Miami.

L got a kind of pissed-off expression. "Well, why is it YOUR ami?"


I wish I were swimming.

Cristin said...

Those ridiculous conversations happen hourly around should come visit and experience them in person..

Swimming sounds lovely...

only a movie said...

Aboy and I just spent the last 30 minutes of our car trip home discussing possible band names for his as-yet-to-be-formed band.
Nearly as ridiculous as toddler conversations.
That statement made me sound old and as if I thought talking about band name possibilities was stupid. It was actually quite entertaining.
Freaking hell, I wish I were swimming.

crone51 said...

Oh My Gods. When the eldest decided to start a band they spent *ALL* their band meetings discussing possible band names. I don't think one of them picked up an instrument. They ended up calling themselves " The Raging Penguins" . They had their own website. They would go to record stores and ask if the latest Raging Penguin CD was in ( many people answered by saying..." we were just about to order it" or some such thing. It was a lovely little hoax. Not so much an actual band that played music, however. Although there was the infamous "When Does The Cheese Come". I will see if I can find a link to it's grandeur.

only a movie said...

Boy was in a band last summer called *Penguin Delicatessen*

crone51 said...

Penguin Delicatessen?


and hilarious.