Thursday, February 5, 2009


  A very  smart , sensitive, and gorgeous  woman  I know has been discussing the concept of synchronicity with several other very smart bloggy women and it got me thinking about stuff I don't think about much any more. Synchronicity or "meaningful coincidence" is a concept that  used to fascinate me.  Over the years I have become quite  skeptical but it is something that still resonates for me - and for a long time played a big part in how I experienced reality.  
    I have had some really startling synchronistic experiences over the years- one that comes to mind immediately something that happened on a New York City subway years ago. I had come east from San Francisco, where I used to live, and was traveling on the A train under Manhattan to go and see my old friend Vivian. I was thinking about another old friend , Mimi, who I knew had recently left her home town of Boston and I was wondering where she was. For some reason I decided to move up a subway car and, you guessed it, in the next car- there sat Mimi. Very weird. 
    Just a coincidence? I don't know.  As I said, I am a pretty rational skeptical old lady these days but I *do* believe in telepathy. No, that's not correct- I don't *believe* in it , I *know* it exists. I have the usual weird little examples of "mind reading" that others have - some rather interesting and possibly worthy of another post- but one really blew my feeble little mind right out the door. When my daughters were ages two and  four I became very ill with neurological Lyme disease. The symptoms, especially at first, were intermittent. I would have weird little dizzy spells, or feelings of de -personalization and diminished muscle sense-  and they  would come and go.  At one point I was standing at the sink, washing the dishes, and my  four year old was coloring at the table ( I believe the two year old was napping). I had one of those dizzy spells - not bad enough for me to stop what I was doing, but I stopped everything and nearly dropped a dish when my daughter piped up in her squeaky little voice and said, " Mom, your Lyme disease symptoms come and go" . Exactly what I had just been thinking. My kid was and is smart ( they are both perfect, of course) but I don't think she knew the word "symptoms" at age four. It was fucking eerie. 


only a movie said...

We've had this conversation. Good stuff. :-0

crone51 said...

oh dear.. I hope I haven't blogged about it before! I have no memory! None! In fact, just who the heck are you? ;-)

Todd Laurence said...

Most of the jungians I've
spoken to shy away from
"acausal reality" - i.e.,
synchronicities. In fact -
I don't think they understand his concepts of
In any case, back in the
days when Jung was discussing reality with
Professor W. Pauli, Nobel
laureate physicist, they
concluded that the natural
numbers are the "key" to
understanding that dimensional template, i.e., the psyche.

What I've experienced is
mostly by number symbolism,
and the details can be found
in google search, under:


Quote: "man has need of the
word, but in essence number is sacred." Jung....

crone51 said...

Todd- Thanks so much for the link!