Monday, April 6, 2009

More random stuff

Well.. I had every intention of putting up a picture of the eldest kid presenting her honors thesis but I cannot find the cord to the camera which is not in the handy box where it is supposed to be put after being used. I am blaming the spouse because he's not here and I can- however, it is just as likely that I dumped it somewhere that I thought was logical and easy to remember after I used it last . We really need a grownup to help us care for our toys.

ETA: FOUND IT!. The Eldest Kid presenting her honor thesis. Please tell me she is not chewing gum...

Anyhow....Random events of the last couple of weeks:

The Eldest Kid did, in fact, present her honor thesis at her University and seemingly did a great job although her dad and I basically understood about five words in her presentation and they were all conjunctions ( you know, words like "and" and "or" and "either"). It was something about Oxytocin ( Aka Pitocin) Receptors in Marmosets. The Kid was amazing standing up there in her business suit, with her power point presentation and her ease with afore mentioned words we didn't understand. Poised, funny, relaxed and of course, gorgeous. We were proud.

The Youngest Kid got the position she applied for as Resident Assistant at her very Fine Art School in the Big City. This will ensure that she will in fact, get to stay at the very Fine Art School in the Big City. You can see some of her Fabulous Art here. We are proud.

I have been hanging out trying to make some sense of this house that contains far too much stuff and spending a lot of time with Furry Critters.

Recently a number of old elementary school friends got in touch with me via the addiction that is Facebook. That was amusing. I have also reconnected with some old pals from my hippie days and that has been a bit more fun. It is interesting to see where we all ended up. Not that any of us has ended yet- although, sadly, I should mention that a few of us have. It's interesting, strange, and somewhat terrifying to realize that we are getting to the final chapters of all our stories. I find this annoying. I should attempt to create a bucket list. Maybe next post- although I remembered that I wanted to do a much better post about synchronicity than I did before as I did have an experience many years ago that was in fact synchronistic ( is that even a word?) to the point of being very bizarre and it involved a death, a hippie with a flower, and Elizabeth Kubler Ross. I tend to block that one out because it challenges my (non) belief system and makes me feel all weird and stuff. Next time.

Meanwhile... Mal says hi. Isn't he noble?


only a movie said...

Have you met Elizabeth Kubler-Ross? Cos that would be way coo.

Your children are amazing and gorgeous.


crone51 said...

Nope. Never met her. Yes, yes they are.

Ronda Laveen said...

Marmosets on Oxycotin. What a wonderful thesis! She looks so self-assured. Not to mention beautiful. I will go check out #2's art work.

Your fuzzers sure are cute. Good to hear from you!

crone51 said...

Not Oxycotin, Ronda, Oxytocin- you know that naturally occurring hormone that the medical world use to torture women ( except then they call it Pitocin) when our contractions during labor aren't strong enough.Ouch. Apparently Marmosets have weird Oxytocin receptors which may contribute to their very interesting social structure... I assume that if they were taking Oxycotin, that would make for an interesting social structure as well!

only a movie said...

Ooh photo! She looks so much like you!

Also, the getting older thing is beginning to be a bummer. Actually might be pissing me off too.

Airchecker said...

A photo of possible interest (but poor technical quality) has been posted for your amusement.

Lover of Life said...

I have been a fan of Kubler-Ross since she began writing in the 1970's. I have studied NDE's for years. I loved your post - I'm sort of an old hippie reuniting with hippiedom again in my 50's. Maybe we had it right back then!

You have every reason to be proud of those wonderful children.

Thanks for visiting my blog - hang in there with the empty-nest thing - blogging helps BTW.

crone51 said...

Airchecker.. ah.... Mr. C? Is that you?

That picture make me look like I was on Oxycotin.

And yes, that must have been Mr. S taking the picure. I do think I remember someone ( possibly you, Mr. C?) sending me one from that evening... a million years ago.

Ronda Laveen said...

Oxytocin. Not Oxycotin. Never mind. That's entirely different.

crone51 said...

Ronda! You channelled Emily!!

I love it!