Thursday, June 18, 2009

I am going to kvetch now:

1) It is raining too fraking much.

2) My dog peed on the rug again. Several times.

3) I have been revisited by some menopause symptoms that I thought were long gone.

4) It's still raining.

5) I have been fighting off the old venal depression which usually goes away in the summer but ain't going anywhere because...

6) did I mention that it is raining too much?

Lincoln used to say that his "melancholy" got worse if the weather was bad. If Lincoln complained about it then I feel just fine in doing the same thing.

I feel somewhat the way this creature looks... I totally stole that picture from someone else's blog.

Other things.. The Iran election results and subsequent reaction has finally made me understand the usefulness of Twitter. I have been following along and have learned much. Some of which I even understand a little. It's fascinating that a social networking site can have such clout. I have always said ( and by "always" I mean at least twice) that the internet will either end us all or unite us all. It remains to be seen which extreme will occur, but at least now I know what a hash tag is.

I am enjoying a new season of True Blood and its amusing array of odd beings.

The kidlets are both home which is lovely most of the time. I feel bad that I am feeling so down when they are here, though. I want to be more fun and yet I feel not fun at all. I am certain that they would tell you that I am not a barrel of laughs.

I have started working part time again with a young woman who has mild developmental disabilities and with whom I used to work with many years ago. She is doing great and she is a blast to hang out with. She just won a silver medal in the Special Olympics and she has a new boyfriend and is quite pleased with both aspects of her life.

And just in case you haven't seen this... here you can watch our President take out a ruthless enemy of the people.


Makarios said...
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crone51 said...
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crone51 said...

Ok, the fact that someone trolling for folks to convert to Christianity just hit my blog does not thrill me either.

only a movie said...

You had a troll? That could be some excitement.

Hope you feel better soon and that the rain subsides... we have it too.

Anonymous said...

Trolls only like the best blogs!lol
I know what you mean about the menopause revisited- I'm having some major ow's. It's raining here for 4 days :(

Anonymous said...

Oh and I am watching True Blood too. Looks like some interesting things coming up this season.

crone51 said...

if it doesn't stop raining soon I am going to drown myself in the puddle that was once our back yard.

Cristin said...

We're looking forward to another week of rain here... the kids asked me this morning when it's gonna be sunny again...

Trolls are fun to mess with... especially Christians..

crone51 said...

I am not sure the guys intent was to bug me with conversion talk but when I dropped in on his site it became apparent that he googles folks who reference atheism and then argues with them and tries to convince them of the error of their godless ways. I went and talked to him on his site. He is not the worst person in the world.