Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I have been ignoring this thing and have left it up in an unreadable state ( to all except me ) for quite some time. I am not sure I am going to keep it open for long. But I thought I would open it for a bit because I just read some of my posts and found them amusing and wondered why I should keep the world from the brilliance that is me. Not. So. Much.

Anyhow, I wish to recommend something quite wonderful that I was directed to by an actual great blog.

Here is the Wonderful Thing- Go to this place now and you will travel in time ( I stole that line from a commenter on the blog I mentioned above). I kid you not.

Meanwhile here is a random picture of me when I was thirty. With a bird. I am now quite a bit older and quite a bit larger. I have no idea what happened to the bird.

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