Tuesday, May 4, 2010

So, I've been busy.

Ok, so now it is spring time in NJ. Much has happened and yet not much at all. It was a good winter, there was quite a lot of snow which I enjoy much more than I enjoy endless days of grey and cold. Snow is exciting and we have swell neighbors who are sharing a snow blower with us so that makes the inches much more palatable. That entire sentence sounds dirty. I spent the winter hanging out with the older daughter who is home between college and grad. school, the dogs, who are not as far as I know planning to go to grad school next year, the husband, my clients and the other folks at the local Y where I swim every other day. The younger daughter is still living in the Big City and we visit her from time to time.
The older kid is off to Yale next year for PHD program in genetics. Younger is off to Italy this summer for a month, and then will be starting her senior year of Art School. They are deeply amazing kids.
And that is our life, at this point in time. Later.

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