Thursday, November 13, 2008

Random trivial things that annoy me and questions about same.

1) Stinkbugs. Why in the name of all that's holy is there a kind of bug that releases an incredibly foul odor when you crush it? And why does it like to eat clothing?

2) Why is it that, although I have recently dropped from a size 16 pants to a size 12, the size 16 ones are not falling off of me? Is someone messing with the size thing to make me feel better?

3) Just when do young dogs stop eating the husband's sweatshirts?


only a movie said...

I have some size 12's I should send your way. I think the manufacturers fuck w/ the sizes. For sure.

It's fun that you still call him The Husband after all these years...

Word verification: dwirtil. I kid you not.

crone51 said...

no. don't send me 12s. I fear they will be too small and I will be sad.

I am going to rename the sweatshirt eating dog "Dwirtil"

I just know that one day the word will be "fernal"

StarbuckBitch said...

Good times on losing the weight! Who cares if the 16's still fit, less clothes to buy, well except for the sweatshirts! Tell The Husband I said Hello! and I miss his geekiness:-)

Marinka said...

At least the stinkbugs are true to their name! How much worse would it be if they were called "PerfumeBugs"!