Monday, December 8, 2008

Ten best of everything

I totally and completely love Best Of The Year lists. I love lists in general, actually. When I was a kid my friend Nancy and I used to keep lists of everything including, my favorite; The List Of Things We Will Never Understand No Matter How Often Someone Explains Them To Us. That list included things like:

1) Television ( pictures and sound travel through the air-right)
2) Tunnels that are built to go under the beds of rivers.
3) Why some boys* wear fuzzy mohair sweaters ( it was 1963)
4) What is a mo and why does it have hair

Things like that.

In my list- loving travels today I found the new Time/CNN list of Best Stuff of 2008 and, because I am shallow, perused the ten best news stories rapidly and then immediately went to Ten Best TV Episodes and was thrilled to find this
at number six.
You see, Starbuckbitch, we're not the only ones! VINDICATED!

* Barry Aaron in the seventh grade. All the time.


only a movie said...

I like 10 Best lists too. Or Top 5s. When D and I hike, we often do Top 5 or Top lists. Fun.

Liz said...

Ooh, I saw that too! So nice to see the show recognized, even if it'll never ever win an Emmy. :(

crone51 said...

Only a movie.. David and I do that too! Top five lists and a never ending argument about whether or not Bob Dylan is overrated. I should sum up our argument and turn it into the most boring blog post ever.

StarbuckBitch said...

goos times...BSG needs lots of love!