Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Random stuff

If it doesn't stop raining soon I am packing and moving to the desert. I am growing gills. The dogs are becoming moldy. I need sun.

So I entertain myself by getting overly involved in reading stuff on the computer machiny thingy .

Here is a guy who is reviewing Star Trek one minute at a time. He's hilarious, but doesn't love the movie. I love the movie.

Here is a picture representing a design style that I really think I could grow to love. A steam punk laptop.

I am somewhat stunned that I never heard the term steam punk before. The computer machiny thingy is truly an educational device.

I am reading a fascinating book about Lincoln's struggles with Clinical Depression. I highly recommend it. It's called Lincoln's Melancholy. I bought it at the bookstore that is just to the right of this statue :

I love standing at the Lincoln Memorial Steps. I always think of Martin Luther King Junior and remember being twelve years old and watching his speech on television and getting chills and having it change my life just a bit. It's a great place to visit. At least it didn't rain when we were there on Sunday.

After I finish reading about Lincoln and his depression. I plan to read a novel that has been recommended to me by my friend Rob Weirsema who wrote a novel of his very own called Before I Wake. It is a lovely little book that I was happy to contribute to in a very small way. Rob is one of those friends unique to this time period. I have never met him but we have communicated a lot over the past ten years and he has fabulous taste in music ( which is to say, of course, that it is identical to mine).
Anyhow, he recommends that I read this book :

So, I shall. Anyone read it?

Have a lovely day. I think I see the sun coming out and I need to go out and stare at it ( but not too much) before it goes away for another week or two.


Snowbrush said...

You read much in your drizzly world. It is good. No sun here either, but no rain; just clouds and chill.

A Free Man said...

I love that laptop! And I hadn't heard steam punk before either.

Cristin said...

Steam punk is a new one for me too.... I'm lusting after that laptop.

Ronda Laveen said...

It must be storming across the country as I read it all most all of the blogs. Sunny California hasn't been to sunny either. Thunderstorms every day lately. Just had a huge, freaky-deaky, dog terrorizing one pass through. It lasted several hours. BOOM!!!!

I have heard of steam punk. I saw it on tv about a month ago. It is a cool style.

Anonymous said...

I've got to go look it up! Hmmm... Thanks for stopping by, you sound interesting too! I'm a social worker, unretired! And I'm 52. Altho I was never a hippy:( and I do not like the Grateful Dead:(. I do love ancient folk songs, do you know about Morris dancing? Anyhow, I'll be around...

crone51 said...

The sun was out for an entire hour today. It was quite exciting Ronda.

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